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WP-Table plugin by Alex Boelinger is a unique WordPress plugin that allows admins to create tables, by this I mean the ones with rows and columns like in Excel, easily in WordPress. It is the only one that I am aware of at the moment that makes it possible to add actual tables without putting-in extra HTML when creating new posts and pages.

However, activating the latest version (1.52) of the plugin triggers a fatal error (shown below) in WordPress 2.5+:

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Fortunately there is a quick fix that can be done to resolve this issue, where the full credit for this solution goes to Michael Bester, the developer of the Kimili Flash Embed, who posted a comment on Jovel Stefan’s Embedded Video Plugin post about a fix to ensure that a plugin should check for the buttonsnap class upon activation.

This class is used to add a button to your WordPress editor, and should only ever be loaded once, so if any other plugin uses buttonsnap, it will cause the fatal error to occur.

To resolve this problem, find Line 344 in wp-table.php


and add before it:


So ultimately you should see this:

// ButtonSnap needs to be loaded outside the class in order to work right

I tested this on a local install of WordPress 2.5.1, and it worked very well. This quick fix has also been posted on the WordPress Support Forums, and hopefully others will find it helpful as well.

Any feedback would be brilliant! If it works for you, please let me know by posting in the comments. Similarly, if it doesn’t work for you, then again, please do post! I don’t see the plugin requiring any further edits for the time being (apart from new features) and am confident that it will also work with later WordPress versions as well.

p/s: UPDATE (July 20th) – Apparently the plugin does work with WP 2.6!

p/s: Our new website is now at http://www.wpsnippets.com, and you can read the article (again?) right here!


I am starting to plan out some of the topics I would like write about for this site, and one area that I would like to focus on is evaluating the different ways one can use to create member-only sections of a site, particularly applicable if you’re using WordPress as a CMS (Content management system)

Other than that, if you have any ideas, please do let use the contact form or just drop a comment in one of the posts to let us know!

Thanks 😀

First post?


A typical first post for any blog. It’s probably a good idea to keep this short and sweet, but as the title of the blog suggests, this ‘site’ will be dedicated to tips and snippets relating to WordPress.

It’s actually quite addictive hanging around on the WordPress Forums (especially the Plugins and Hacks part!) as people ask some very interesting questions there, which often make me stop and think – so is there already a solution?

In some ways, I wish I was fluent in PHP and all that jazz, but perhaps this makes one more dedicated towards searching for a solution, rather than coding something from the ground up.

Anyway, still want to say a big thank you to all the plugin authors (and people on the forums!) for offering such great solutions to problems! 🙂 Hopefully this site will be of some help to others as well.